Business 5mins 09 Jun 2020

Tolu Davids

Forbes Selects InstiQ

InstiQ was selected as one of the participants at Forbes' 1st Digital Start up Accelerator in Nigeria. This is in recognition of the company's impact in the digital transformation of the Financial Services Industry and Fintech Innovation

Forbes selected InstiQ ( a leading player in the digital transformation of the Financial Services Industry & Fintech space, as one of the 100 participants at its 1st Digital StartUp Accelerator programme in Nigeria. 


Founders/CEOs selected for the program are currently undergoing a training to help build and scale their companies for the future. Tolulope Davids, our CEO/MD is representing the company at this programme.


Your vote is needed for our company to be selected as part of the speakers to a global audience during Forbes Nigeria Submit later this month.


To vote for InstiQ, kindly follow the steps below:


1. Click on this link:


2. Search for “InstiQ”.  


3.Enter email and vote. 


4. Verify the vote from your email inbox.


Please note that it’s an email address per vote but you can vote as many times as possible with different email addresses.  Kindly help share this with your friends and family.


Adedayo Temidayo

This is a great news to Instiq. I’ve heard a lot of good things about you . Congratulations, the sky is your beginning

Ahmed Olabisi

Instiq is indeed revolutionizing the African tech space . I really appreciate the relationship we have with you . Your services are top notch . Congrats

Haruna Ogweda

Instiq is impacting a lot of lives. I am a living evidence. No one deserves it more. I believe

Cyril Ibeleme

The team is doing a great job in pushing boundaries with innovative solutions. Congratulations to all for the well-deserved selection.

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