Experience Level: 2+ years experience

Salary: Attractive

Application Deadline: 15 Sep 2021

IOS Swift Mobile Developer

We are looking for a Mobile Developer responsible for creating apps for iOS. The primary focus will be on creating new experiences and maintaining existing apps. Deep experience contributing to and managing high-scale production mobile apps. The ideal candidate will have experience building native applications, JavaScript knowledge, and a portfolio of applications already published either in the app store or self-hosted.


• 2+ years in mobile software development.

• Experience with third-party libraries and APIs;

• Understanding of the Agile development life-cycle;

• Experience with automated testing and building;

• Experience with Git, other version control tools;

• Proven experience in writing readable code, creating extensive documentation for existing code and refactoring previously written code.


• Experience with optimizing applications for Material Design.

To Apply

• Please send a CV which highlights relevant experience and why you’d be a good fit for the role to: careers@instiq.com


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