Service, in short, is not what you do but who you are - Betsy Sanders

We are providers of tech solutions to banking and financial service institutions (BFSI), education, health, and other sectors of all sizes in Africa.

African technology companies can better develop African technology solutions.

Our Services

We deliver top-notch and quality services to all our clients ranging from financial institutions, health organizations, and educational institutions.

IT Consulting

We carry out various consulting services that enhance the client's efficiency, productivity and reduces cost. Our consulting activities include process improvement, digital transformation, project management, process planning and monitoring, and data science.


Due to the team of professionals that we have in our organizations, we provide robust zero to expert training that equip people with the knowledge of excellent leadership qualities, exceptional management acumen, solid team building program, emotional intelligence, customer service program.

Enterprise Software Service Provider

At InstiQ, we understand that organizations' needs differ, and we work with our clients to provide enterprise software that caters to their needs. Be rest assured that our solution will securely pass all vulnerability tests.

Dev-Ops Outsourcing

Aside from providing software solutions that save clients time and money, InstiQ also provides body shopping services by supplying various stacks of tech resources to bridge their development resource needs.

Quality Assurance And Testing

Our areas of expertise include Quality Assurance and Testing on Enterprise Projects. We also conduct stress, vulnerability, performance (VAPT), and automated testing as a service.

Core Banking Services

We have implemented our proprietory solution, TME - Core Banking Solution for some financial institutions. Also, we are a technical partner to Oracle - Flexcube and an Integration specialist to Finacle CBA in terms of core banking implementation and support across the sub-Saharan African region.

Our Products

We have crafted in-house solutions that have stood the test of time and have helped multiple African organizations.

Interested in Joining our

We are looking for trusted people who will help our partners transform their businesses digitally by providing expert software and dev-ops services.