We have crafted in-house solutions that have stood the test of time and have helped multiple African organizations.

Our Products

We have several Enterprise Software Solutions across various sectors, and our solutions have been translated to three(3) major languages; English, French and Portuguese.
Our solutions have additional user management and reporting module tailored towards ease of using and managing the solution.
InstiQ software development unique standard provides better practice across the software life cycle. We use Agile methodology to deliver project-based on business requirement documented and agreed upon with clients. Establishing a robust security culture helps our resources provide a proper framework that makes our employees develop a solution with maximum security and data privacy in mind.

TME (Transaction Made Easy)

TME, as the name implies, is a powerful tellering application. This application was built to suit and make tellering easy for the end-users. Its function includes cash transactions with slip printing abilities and remote authorization, amongst others.

My Youngster

MyYoungstarTM is an efficacious application designed to ease administrative and learning processes in schools. The application enhances parents-educator communication and fosters real-time data analysis.


DocFlow is a workflow process software that takes care of end to end approval process without needing any manual intervention. Creating an approval workflow from the existing process is one of the most straightforward cases to implement on the DocFlow solution by InstiQ.

Mentup Application

We have developed a solution with helpful matching criteria. It ensures a suitable matching method for you, matching your mentors and mentees in the fastest and most accurate way possible.

Online Tax Payment

The "Tax online" payment platform is an easy to use web-based B2G/P2G e-invoicing platform that would enable individuals and companies to pay import and export duties online in real-time and from the comfort of their homes and offices. This payment is made by accessing their custom duty assessment on the platform, effecting prices, and instantly generating receipts/proof of payment.

Mobile & Internet Banking

Beyond our proprietary solution Promobile©️, our Internet & Mobile Banking App continues to gain popularity for the convenience it gives the bank’s customers. It offers them the comfort of having bank services open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to customers through Mobile App and Online. This solution will manage both retail and corporate clients on both web and mobile platforms, offer an omnichannel integrated banking solution and provide a faster turnaround time to manage customer transactions.


This is an Agency Banking mobile App Solution for underbanked segment, customers acquisition, and providing real-time banking services.

Faster Loan

This is a loan and investment workflow management application that is regulatory compliant, designed to streamline loan processing, reduce cost and save processing time. The application automates end to end loan cycle of an organization.

Faster Teller

FasterTeller is a card and non-card-based solution that can be integrated into any core banking platform. It provides faster service to customers within the banking premises. The application reduces error rates and turn-around-time (TAT).


It is a high-performing switching platform required for exponential growth in the adoption of digital payment in developing nations. With Q-Swith, our focus is on African issuers, acquirers, and digital payment companies to deliver unequal value in the speed of processing transactions on behalf of their customers.

SMP (Single Middleware Platform)

This solution is a single integration point to drive digital integration with other systems like USSD, Agency Banking, WhatsApp Banking, Bots, Mobile solutions with Internal core banking solutions. This solution has a module for banks to route non-financial and financial ATM/POS transactions between Banks using ISO messaging standards.

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