Business 5 mins 20 Aug 2020

Ayotunde Oseleye

InstiQ announces Tope Adebayo LLP as Legal Advisor and Attorney.

InstiQ Professional Services is please to announce Tope Adebayo LLP as its legal advisor and attorney so as assist in effective and efficient legal representation that will in turn maximize InstiQ success.

We all at InstiQ Professional Servcies are ecstatic about our new, timely and perfect partnership with Tope Adebayo LLP.

Tope Adebayo LLP is an award winning and foremost law firm in Nigeria having global presence in China, USA, UK, France and other countries of the world. Tope Adebayo LLP, has provided significant and unique Litigation and other services to the Nigerian Government especially in the area of International Asset Tracing and Recovery.

With professional services that are comprehensively insured under a professional indemnity as mark of professional competence, dedication and determination to render bespoke legal services at all times. Tope Adebayo LLP plan to employ strategies that are client’s needs based and always dovetail into client’s business goals and risks. They offer effective and efficient legal representation which maximizes our client’s success prospects and reduces possible risk exposure.

As we progressively break new grounds and achieve bigger milestones, we believe this partnership will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of InstiQ business, from basic zoning compliance and copyright and trademark advice to formal business incorporation and lawsuits and liability. With our shared core values of professionalism, excellence, integrity and passion for success, we believe strongly and anxiously anticipate the great feats this partnership will accomplish. 

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